Mon, 24 Mar 2003

Very early Quantix snapshot available

At the DSC 2003 conference, I gave a very brief presentation about Quantix and its current, that is early, status. I did however give the wrong URL -- the first .iso image is available here on the machine hosting Tony Rossini's Biostat software at the U of Washington. Thanks to Tony for storage and bandwidth.

Hopefully this eve I get a moment to summarize on a webpage or two what I said at the conference -- Quantix is a Knoppix variant filled with quantitative / scientific software from Debian. More details to come ...

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Back from Vienna

Returned yesterday from the excellent DSC 2003 conference, and was rather tired. Now it's early in the morning, I am still tired and need to get a few things in order before I can head off to work to deal with a different email queue...

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