Fri, 16 Jan 2004

Speaking of brown paper bags

How self-referential. While blogging about the little blunder I had made forgetting to upload Steffen's packages, I noticed another one: the blosxom upload was botched. A fix was just upload. My apologies.

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How embarassing!

Steffen Moeller had asked to sponsor two or three of his R packages. Fair enough, given that I maintain R itself as well as an increasing number of packages from CRAN, I can't really say no -- especially as his packaging was done well and straight along the recently posted Debian R Policy draft.

So I built those for him in December, even stuck them into the release of Quantian I had prepared about the same time ... and then never uploaded them. Ouch. Shame on me, I suppose.

Steffen, being a nice guy, sent me a kind note today that he had prepared a new package based on a new upstream release of qtl, and gently reminded me of the RMySQL and DBI packages. Blush. Well, they are now on master, and even rolled RMySQL forward by a minor release. Or is that considered uncool? Another brown paper bag?

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Quick blosxom patch upload, dpatch woes, and new maintainer looming

Forgot to mention that blosxom 2.0-5 was uploaded yesterday eve after Alexander Zangerl had sent me a nice one line, or rather, 10-some byte :), patch to to support an new command-line option '-f conffile' building on one of my initial patches.

As a new maintainer for blosxom is looming (Salut, Pascal :), I tried to clean the package up and switch to dpatch ... only to fail miserably. I had converted another package of mine to the 'simple patch system' of cdbs, and that is soooo much easier to use. Oh well.

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