Sun, 10 Oct 2004

Chicago Marathon 2004

So today was the day -- after some four month of an ever-increasing training program, I attempted my very first marathon. Fantastic day: sunny, warm, no clouds. And a *lot* of spectators which makes it a lot of fun. I fell into an all too common trap and started faster than I should have. I'll blame my three buddies from the running group who were shooting for 3:20. I "paid" for this just as you're supposed too on the last six or seven miles: heavy legs, and more and more walking at the water stops. But I got where wanted to get to and crossed the finish line below my target of 3:30h and a hand-stopped 3:28:58.

This picture is from mile 11 and marked the first meeting with Lisa and our girls. I was obviously still in pretty good spirits

At mile 11 of the 2004 Chicago Marathon

We have two more, including one at the very, very last turn on top of the Roosevelt Road bridge, but it's not as up close and fun.

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