Mon, 21 Feb 2005

Nicer charts

Wouter had blogged about his charts based on Takuo's per-maintainer statistics from the Debian BTS.

In an effort of true R evangelism, I bugged Wouter about the gnuplot ugliness in those charts and offered an R script as an alternate. Per his reply, he seemed please with the output [1] -- click on the png for a nicer pdf:

Debian BTS timeseries for

For anybody interested, the R code is available. It provides two simple functions. The first actually creates the 4x1 chart. The second loops over all datafiles ending in .csv in a given directory, assuming the filename before the .csv ending provides the unique identifier (here the maintainer name and email as per Takuo's and Wouter's setup). On a per file basis, data is loaded, and a pdf and png are produced. This can be called as in

R CMD BATCH debian_bts_chart.R
which will create R CMD BATCH debian_bts_chart.Rout in the current directory.

Lastly, I should note that I do think that the underlying data is wrongly classified. Counting a bug as 'active' even when it has been closed, but is not yet archived merely because the 28 days period hasn't passed is plain wrong. In my book, a closed bug cannot count as an active one.

[1] This is my own data, and it shows the drop-off a few weeks ago when I passed maintainership of a good dozen packages on to others.

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