Mon, 30 May 2005

Now I can use the plural marathons...

Ran my second marathon today at the 2005 Lakeshore Marathon. In fact, I probably ended up running more than a marathon as there was consensus among GPS-sporting runners that the course was a full mile long at 27.2 miles. We'll see how that unfolds, and what, if anything, the organizers have to say.

Personal time was fine: I had aimed for a pace similar to my previous marathon -- i.e. 3:29 -- and I managed to beat that time by around 41 seconds (according to the GPS). Hand-stopped at the finish was 3:36:32, we'll see what the official chip time will be.

Overall, the race was fine. Today is a gorgeous day here in Chicagoland: sunny, no wind, no clouds. If anything, it got too warm. Beats the forecast of early morning showers by a wide margin. The race itself was on the Lakeshore walk / cycle / roller blade path, and after about 8:00am that turned into a bit of a nuisance will all the cyclists. Most were well-behaved, but some should really get ticketed for whisking through runners and pedestrians at 20+ mph... In sum, not too sure if I'll run this particular race again. The end-of-May date is nice, though.

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