Sun, 09 Oct 2005

Chicago Marathon 2005

Ran the Chicago Marathon earlier today. Near ideal conditions: temperatures on the cooler side (around 50F) at the start, overcast for maybe half the race and then nice sunshine and temperatures near 60F for the rest. For about 18 miles, I managed to hang with a pretty decent 7:30 min/mile pace before I slowed down somewhat. I ended with a pretty nice time of 3:21:36 (i.e. a 7:41 pace) -- or about 7.5 minutes faster than last year and around 7 minutes faster than the 26.2 time of that odd 27.2 mile Lakeshore marathon. Nice day, and a pretty good race with fantastic crowds and peerlessly efficient race organisation. Don't ask how I'll walk for the next day or two though...

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