Sun, 09 Apr 2006

Race That' Good For Life 2006

Participated in the 25th annual Race That's Good for Life 5k race in Oak Park this morning, just as I had in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Near ideal conditions: sunny, no wind, temperatures in the 40s. I was afraid my legs were a little too tired: I had some rest after the Shamrock Shuffle last weekend but did a 12 miler after work on Thursday and 9 miles with two Boston-bound friends at Waterfall Glen -- 'hilly' territory for around here in Chicagoland -- yesterday morning.

So while I didn't feel all that fresh, I also managed to run a pretty silly race of a way-too-fast first mile at 5:50 followed by 6:44 and 6:40 to average a pace of 6:19 minutes/mile with which I broke 20 minutes for the first time ever: 19:36. That's 50 seconds faster than last year, which was already a PR. Now I'm ready for a nap ;-)

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