Wed, 25 Apr 2007

digest 0.3.0

A new version of digest has just been sent to CRAN. Thanks to excellent contributions by Simon Urbanek and Henrik Bengtsson, some internals of the code have been improved. The output produced by digest should now be invariant to R version number changes.

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random 0.1.1

A minor maintenance release of random was just uploaded to CRAN. The only change is a correction on regular expression string: R 2.5.0 now warns that percentage signs should not be escaped. Not other code changes were made.

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littler 0.0.11

I rolled up 'little r' (pronounced littler) version 0.1.11 earlier today. This release only includes a robustification of the main Makefile (so that e.g. BSDers can build with non-GNU make) and a small fix by Jeff to 'update.r', a handy example script.

As usual, littler can be found in the GoogleCode svn archive, on my r page and in the local directory, and soon on Jeff's littler page at Vanderbilt. The Debian package has been uploaded as well (and has been built again the new R version 2.5.0 that was released yesterday).

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