Thu, 14 Jun 2007

New York bound

On the second try I got lucky with the lottery for the New York Marathon on November 4 this year. So that may make it Boston, Chicago (on October 7) and now New York for 2007.

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Madeleine Peyroux at Ravinia

Returning from Toronto, we went straight to Ravinia to see one of my favourite vocalists: Madeleine Peyroux who didn't disappoint. Lovely afternoon / evening as Ravinia is such a treat: summer, lawn, picnic and excellent live music. Let's see if I get out there another time this year.

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Toronto the good

Went to Toronto last weekend for a wedding. Couldn't have been nicer -- on Toronto Island with its nice view of the city. The ceremony got slightly rescheduled because of the massive storm coming through last Friday afternoon which forced everything inside. Only drawback was that the party ended too soon due to ferry schedule.

Caught up with some friends in town and glanced and a few of those fancy new digs that have come up since we left in 2000: the Opera house, lots of construction at the AGO and the neat building next door, the intriguing chrystal at the ROM. Always nice to come back, especially with the very nicest weather as it was last weekend.

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