Mon, 10 Sep 2007

Overdue smtm bug fix releases 1.6.9

Some time ago, Yahoo! Finance made some changes at their backend for the provisioning of png images which are also displayed by smtm. Version 1.6.9, which just went to Debian's master site and will go to CPAN in a moment, finally updates the code for that. My apologies for taking so long, and thanks to Michael Kurlin, Clinton R Lambe, Ian Seow and possibly others whose mail I haven't kept who sent me patches and heads-ups.

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Another option for MythTV schedules

Yesterday I mentioned how straightforward it was to setup an account with SchedulesDirect to obtain tv schedule data for the MythTV 'software pvr'.

For completeness, a 'free as in beer' screen-scraping alternative is provided by the zap2xml Perl script together with a (free) registration at the site. Instructions are on the zap2xml page, and all is left to do is to combine the calls to and mythfilldatabase in a single shell script -- which is easy enough to do too.

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