Thu, 17 Apr 2008

Updated marathon pace geekery

A few months ago, I had shown a chart with per-5k-segment paces of my prior marathons runs (or at least those for which organisers had 5k splits). Since then, I ran two more: New York in November and London last Sunday. I have updated the charts to show both of these:
(updated pace comparison chart)
A few things stand out:
  • New York (in orange with small squares) clearly was my steadiest run, with very little variation and that nice burst at the end where the pace dropped below 7min/mile for the finish;
  • London (in yellow with open circles) was allright, but with a noticeable drop around kilometers 30, 35 and 40 -- but then the second-best finish.
  • I really cannot pace myself at the start: The two most recent races had the fastest start, including the hot and humid Chicago 2007 marathon (in light blue with circles)

In case anybody is interested (C'est bien toi, Christian, non?), the R script is available and I will be taking questions by email as R may not be obvious at first if you haven't used it.

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