Sun, 04 May 2008

On soccer, promises and hair cuts

Both my daughters have been playing soccer for a while now. And for another little while, I had been promising that if they ever scored three goals in a game, I'd shave my head.

As the attentive reader may have guess by now, that day finally came. This weekend saw a suburban tournament in nearby Oak Brook, and lo and behold Anna scored three goals in the first game! So home we went, out came the tool and she rather professionally separated me from my hair. So today on day two of the new look, a friend took this picture of me (scaled down from 2.4mb to around 80kb) at the same tournament:

Dirk on 4 May 2008 with a new look

They actually played just about the best soccer I have seen them play, won their group (with three shutouts!) and lost a hard-fought and well-played final 2:4. And today the weather even cooperated as one can see from the photo. Nice weekend, all told. And yes, the head feels kinda nice ;-)

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