Wed, 27 Aug 2008

littler 0.1.1 released

The new release 0.1.1 of r (pronounced littler) was just rolled up.

The only new feature is due to a suggestion by Paul Gilbert: r now reports the value of the optional status variable when calling q() at the end of a script:

$ r -e'q(status=42)'; echo $?
This can be very useful to signal exit codes and branching on those in other scripts or Makefile. We also applied a patch to manual page which adds some examples there (thanks, Seb!) and made some small changes to tests and examples.

As usual, our code in our svn archive, on my r page, and in the local directory here. A fresh package is in Debian's incoming queue, and Jeff's littler page at Vanderbilt should reflect the new release soon too.

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