Wed, 10 Sep 2008

RDieHarder 0.1.0 released

I just rolled up version 0.1.0 of RDieHarder, an R package providing an interface between GNU R and the DieHarder battery of tests for random number generators developed by Robert G. Brown. See the the RDieHarder page for some introductory material and links to the talk at UseR! 2007.

Version 0.1.0 extends the functionality of the dieharder function quite substantially and catches up to a number of recent changes in DieHarder. In particular:

  • dieharder() generator selection changes along the same line as in the DieHarder release: ids 1 to 200 are reserved for GNU GSL geneators, ids 201 to 400 for Dieharder, 401 to 500 for GNU R, 501 to 600 are hardware-based and ids over 600 are for user-contributed generators
  • dieharder() now supports new arguments 'inputfile' (for file_input and file_input_raw) and 'ntuple' (for tests with variable bit length)
  • dieharder() now also supports the 'rgb', 'sts' and 'user' tests
  • dieharder() now returns multiple Kuiper KS p-values for those tests that generate multiple p-values
  • dieharderGenerators() now returns a data.frame with two columns 'names' and 'ids' and generators can be selected via either a a name (as e.g. 'mt19937') or a numeric id (e.g. 16)
  • dieharderTests() was added and also returns a data.frame with names and ids permitting a similar selection via test name or via test id.
  • Some misc. code organisation, a cleanup removing more files, updated vignette output files, and the actual test sources updated to DieHarder 2.8.1

This new version should show up at CRAN and its mirrors in due course, in the meantime sources are also RDieHarder page.

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