Tue, 28 Oct 2008

Google Summer of Code 2008 Mentors Summit

Spent last weekend in Mountain View where Google had invited a number of mentors for the Summer of Code project that Google once again graciously sponsored. A rather impressive list of projects sent up to two people each, giving a probably unparalled sample of major Open Source projects.

I had a blast. Chris, Leslie and the rest of the Google's Open Source Programs Office facilitated a really nice unconference that spawned a few really nice sessions, and they took very good care of us. And just about everybody met a number of folks in person that were previously known only via email or irc. As the saying goes: nothing like the bandwidth of a face-to-face meeting...

Last but not least I should issue a health warning. Sharing a room with the fearless Debian DPL is not for the faint of heart: His snooring is truly world-class.

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