Sun, 15 Mar 2009

2009 March Madness Half Marathon in Cary

This morning it was once more time for the annual March Madness Half Marathon in Cary. This race is basically the start of the running season in Chicagoland. And we could not have asked for better weather. After a really cold and long winter, and a short snapback to really cold temperatures this week, it started to warm up a little yesterday with expectations of more of the same today. So while it was still cold at the start at around 37 degrees, most runners opted for shorts and by the finish temperatures were in the high 40s. Coupled with clear blue skies and no wind, it was a really nice morning for a run.

So how did it go? Well, I had pretty low expectations. Training has been difficult with too much snow, rain and plain cold weather. So like most of my running friends, motivation ran pretty low of late. I was really only trying to set a modest pace, and to hope to hang on to it and run steadily. That worked: I didn't walk a single water stop, and while my legs were getting really tired and sore I carried through to the end. Final time was 1:36:08.57 per my stop watch. That's a tad faster than last year, a lot slower than 2007, just a tad slower than 2006, and quite a bit faster than 2005.

Next stop: my second Boston Marathon in five weeks and given the underwhelming training this winter, it will be a challenge.

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