Sat, 05 Sep 2009

RQuantLib 0.3.0 released

Earlier this evening, I rolled up a new version of RQuantLib. It has been pushed to CRAN and Debian, and source and binary version should appear on the respective mirror networks in due course.

This version, the first in a new '0.3.*' release series, contains all the work that Khanh Nguyen did during his Google Summer of Code participation which I had mentioned a while back and for which I acted as mentor.

And Khanh did great. We now have a lot more Fixed Income functionality; I include the full ChangeLog entry below. I also added some simple calendaring support and the odd fix here or there while mentoring. All of this had been available while technically 'in progress' thanks to support provided by the R-Forge project hosting where SVN checkouts as well as nightly binaries are provided. A few more details are on the RQuantLib page and I hope to add a few more examples.

As promised, the ChangeLog entry:

2009-09-05  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

	* DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.0 reflecting all the excellent
	  Google Summer of Code 2009 work by Khanh Nguyen as well
	  as other small enhancements

	[ Changes by Khanh Nguyen below ]

	* R/bond.R: Added pricing functionality for various new instrument
	* R/discount.R: Idem
	* src/bonds.cpp: Idem
	* src/discount.cpp: Idem
	* src/utils.cpp: Idem

	* man/Bond.Rd: Added documentaiont for new functions
	* man/CallableBond.Rd: Idem
	* man/ConvertibleFixedCouponBond.Rd: Idem
	* man/ConvertibleFloatingCouponBond.Rd: Idem
	* man/ConvertibleZeroCouponBond.Rd: Idem
	* man/Enum.Rd: Idem
	* man/FittedBondCurve.Rd: Idem
	* man/FixedRateBond.Rd: Idem
	* man/FixedRateBondCurve.Rd: Idem
	* man/FixedRateBondPriceByYield.Rd: Idem
	* man/FixedRateBondYield.Rd: Idem
	* man/FloatingRateBond.Rd: Idem
	* man/ZeroCouponBond.Rd: Idem
	* man/ZeroPriceByYield.Rd: Idem
	* man/ZeroYield.Rd: Idem

	* rests/RQuantLib.R: Added tests for new functions
	* rests/ Added tests ouput for new functions

	[ Changes by Dirk Eddelbuettel below ]

	* man/BondUtilities.Rd: Added documentation for new function

	* R/calendars.R: Add support to access QuantLib calendars from R
	* src/calendars.cpp Idem
	* man/Calendars.Rd: Idem

	* src/bonds.cpp: Small C++ fixes to suppres g++ warnings
	* INDEX: Updated via 'R CMD build --force'
	* inst/QuantLib-License.txt: Updated to version from QL 0.9.7

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