Thu, 24 Sep 2009

digest 0.4.0 and 0.4.1

After almost two years, I just made a small update to the digest package for R by adding sha-256 as another supported hashing function. While at this, a few minor edits where made here or there. Version 0.4.0 also included a file src/ but as that actually prevents a successful build on the Windows platform I promptly removed it for a (more-or-less brown-bag) release 0.4.1. Thanks to Uwe Ligges and his automated win-builder service that permits easy unattended build tests on that platform.

The new package will appear shortly on its CRAN page; the R-Forge page has access to the Subversion repo etc and otherwise there's always my local my local digest page.

Oh, and 0.3.1 was never blogged about as it was just a maintenance release that added a single cast and an edit to the DESCRIPTION file.

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