Tue, 05 Jan 2010

littler 0.1.3

A new littler release (now at 0.1.3) just went out of the door this evening.

littler provides r (pronounced littler), a shebang / scripting / quick eval / pipelining front-end to the the R language and system.

This version adds a few minor behind-the-scenes improvements:

  • interactive() now evaluates to false as you'd expect in a non-interactive scripting front-end. To restore the previous behaviour, new switches -i or --interactive have been added.
  • Some of the 'cleanup' functionality described in Section 8.1.2 on 'Setting R callbacks' from the R Extension manual have been adopted.
  • Example scripts install.r and update.r received an update based on lessons learned from the R 2.10.0 roll-out and package rebuilding.
  • A few build issues were improved, a minor manual page formatting bug was fixed.

As usual, our code is available via our svn archive or from tarballs off my littler page and the local directory here. A fresh package is in Debian's incoming queue and will hit mirrors shortly.

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