Wed, 06 Jan 2010

RInside release 0.2.1

The shiny new 0.2.1 release of RInside, a set of convenience classes to facilitate embedding of R inside of C++ applications, just went out to CRAN; sources are also at my RInside page

This is a maintenance release building on the recent 0.2.0 release which added Windows support (provided you use the Rtools toolchain for Windows). In this release, we changed the startup initialization so that interactive() comes out FALSE (just as we had done for littler just yesterday) and with that no longer call Rf_KillAllDevices() from the destructor as we may not have had devices in the first place. A few minor things were tweaked around the code organisation and build process, see the ChangeLog for details.

The new release should hit CRAN mirrors tomorrow, and is (as always) available from my machine too.

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