Thu, 03 Jun 2010

inline 0.3.5

Yesterday morning, Romain pushed inline release 0.3.5 to CRAN.

This is some ways a continuation of the 0.3.4 release I had made in December. That release had opened the door for the wide use of inline in our Rcpp package. And just how Rcpp has grown, we now have needs beyond the initial change. See the post on Romain's blog for details, but in a nutshell we are now gaining

  • cxxfunction which extends cfunction further for C++ use and, among other things, adds a plugin system we can use from RcppArmadillo to permit use of inline
  • package.skeleton which makes it easy to carry a function that one has prototyped with inline over into its own package -- and how to do that was a question at my most recent Rcpp talk in Vienna), and
  • getDynLib which Romain will use to great effect in the next version of Rcpp to provide something not unlike Boost::Python. Stay tuned!

Last but not least, our thanks to Oleg Sklyar for letting us extend his amazing inline package for use by Rcpp.

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