Mon, 02 Aug 2010

RcppExamples 0.1.1

On Friday, I quickly provided a new release of RcppExamples, our example package for using Rcpp, to CRAN. Very little content has been updated --- and a new TODO file even notes that we need to add more documentation for the new Rcpp API. And update existing documentation as lots has changed since the initial release in March.

But at least this package now joins RcppArmadillo is using the highly-recommened LinkingTo: Rcpp directive in the DESCRIPTION file to let R find the Rcpp headers, making the build process a little more robust.

A few more details on the page are on the RcppExamples page.

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inline 0.3.6

A couple of days ago, Romain released inline release 0.3.6 to CRAN. This is a maintenance release with no user-visible changes. However, as it captures compiler errors more directly, it should help us debug Rcpp on recalcitrant platforms such as Solaris with suncc where we have no shell access and no build robot (though that may be changing with the rumoured bin-builder). More details on the release at Romain's blog.

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