Wed, 27 Oct 2010

Google Tech Talk on Integrating R and C++: video and slides

Last Friday, Romain and I were guests of the R intergrouplet (what an adorable name!) at Google's headquarter in Mountain View. This arose out of discussions following useR! 2010 where we met Google's Murray Stokely. There appears to be ever increasing use of R at Google, and so it was a great opportunity to give a Google Tech Talk about R and C++ integration --- centered around our Rcpp, RInside and RProtoBuf packages which facilitate interoperability between R and C++.

A video recording of our ninety-minute talk is already available via the YouTube channel for Google Tech Talks. The (large) pdf with slides (which Romain had already posted on slideshare) is also available from my presentations page.

The remainder of the weekend was nice too (with the notably exception of the extremly sucky weather). We got to to spend some time at the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit which is always a fun event and a great way to meet other open source folks in person. And we also took one afternoon off to spend some with John Chambers discussing further work involving Rcpp and the new ReferenceClasses that appeared in the just-released R version 2.12.0. This should be a nice avenue to further integrate R and C++ in the near future.

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