Tue, 04 Jan 2011

The kindness of strangers

A couple of days ago, an email arrived in which I am kindly asked to provide my PayPal coordinates. And before you dear reader start to laugh, it was actually perfectly genuine and came from a very happy user of the Finance::YahooQuote Perl module. DJ Padzensky wrote this well over a decade ago, and I first introduced and then maintained it as a package in Debian for what is now almost twelve years. I have also been acting as upstream maintainer for the last eight or so years providing the occassional patch to keep up with changes at the Yahoo! server side.

After a short reflection, I decided to keep it simple. I undusted a wishlist I had once created over at Amazon, yet never publicised. And amazingly, within minutes of minutes of passing the URL on, I received a cheerful email stating that three books are their merry way. Appropriately enough, two were from Springer's useR! series and another one was a brand new GPU programming title. And they all arrived yesterday. I am still stunned.

So with that, my time to say thanks! This was a genuinely nice gesture, and I really appreciate it. I have been doing open source work for over fifteen years now, and I would not still be doing it if I did not enjoy it myself. I continue to learn a lot in the process, and have had a chance to meet lot interesting folks. Yet it is also nice to get a little Thanks every now and then.

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