Sat, 15 Jan 2011

Allen Toussaint with Don Byron and Nicholas Payton

Lisa snagged us some sort of subscription to the CSO's jazz series and last night was a first concert resulting from this. In town were Allen Toussaint with a three piece rhythm section as well as Don Byron (also here) on clarinet and tenor saxophone, and Nicholas Payton (also here) on trumpet.

Given Allen Toussaint's live-long association with New Orleans, there was a lot of music inspired by the town, including a modern rendition of an old Sidney Bechet tune as well as other material came from his most recent album The Bright Mississippi. And, given Allen Toussaint's fame in Rhythm and Blues circles, there was lot of R&B too. I found the program to be a little uneven and unbalanced that way---but it was still a great show, and he surely brought the house down. He is a charming old school performer, and maybe the audience warmed his heart right before the concert started with a quick Happy Birthday rendition as yesterday was in fact his this 73rd birthday! Don Byron and Nicholas Payton were, as expected, stellar in their own right. A nice night out.

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