Sun, 03 Apr 2011

Race That's Good For Life 2011

Today was the 30th annual Race That's Good for Life 5k race in Oak Park. I had run this in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 but not afterwards as the spring marathons got in the way. As I am now on a more relaxed (and seemingly non-marathon ;-) schedule, I was able to participate again. Really nice to leave your house fifty minutes before race start and cycle over... And kudos to the Oak Park Runner's Club who once again put a nice race together.

Given the lack of (more intense) training, I am also a lot slower: 21:50.7 was the chip time, or a 7:02 pace. We will see if I ever get faster again. On race day I am usually motivated; it remains to be seen if I get over to the track in the early morning to push myself through some speedwork.

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