Mon, 25 Apr 2011

RInside 0.2.4

After several months, it was time for a new release 0.2.4 of RInside which is now on CRAN. RInside is a set of convenience classes which facilitate embedding of R inside of C++ applications and programs, using the classes and functions provided by the Rcpp R and C++ integration package.

This new release contains a few small internal changes to the initialization code, as well as a number of slightly improved examples employing more of the simplifications which Rcpp offers. Also included is a brand new example embedding R inside of the Qt framework; an earlier blog post had already discussed this example. Two more examples were added to the standard/examples directory which now contains fourteen plus two tests. We also added a NEWS file, the entry for this release is below.

0.2.4   2011-04-24

   o    Minor code cleanups in initialization code 

   o    New example embedding R inside a Qt application, along with pro file
        for Qt's qmake providing a complete simple C++ GUI application

   o    New examples rinside_sample{10,11} based on questions on the
        r-help and r-devel mailing list

   o    Some improvements and simplifications throughout examples/standard 
        as well as examples/mpi/

   o    Added this NEWS files -- with entries below summarised from ChangeLog
        and the corresponding blog posts

And courtesy of CRANberries, here are the changes from the previous release.
RInside-0.2.3/RInside/inst/ChangeLog |only RInside-0.2.3/RInside/libRInside.a |only RInside-0.2.4/RInside/ChangeLog |only RInside-0.2.4/RInside/DESCRIPTION | 24 ++++-- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/R/RInsidePaths.R | 4 - RInside-0.2.4/RInside/doxyfile | 8 +- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/NEWS |only RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/THANKS | 1 RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/mpi/rinside_mpi_sample0.cpp | 10 +- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/mpi/rinside_mpi_sample1.cpp | 11 +-- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/mpi/rinside_mpi_sample2.cpp | 10 +- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/mpi/rinside_mpi_sample3.cpp | 9 -- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/qt |only RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/standard/rinside_sample1.cpp | 30 ++++---- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/standard/rinside_sample10.cpp |only RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/standard/rinside_sample11.cpp |only RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/standard/rinside_sample2.cpp | 15 +--- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/standard/rinside_sample3.cpp | 6 - RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/standard/rinside_sample5.cpp | 10 +- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/standard/rinside_sample6.cpp | 12 +-- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/standard/rinside_sample7.cpp | 9 -- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/examples/standard/rinside_sample9.cpp | 2 RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/include/RInsideAutoloads.h | 35 ++++++++-- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/inst/include/RInsideEnvVars.h | 13 +-- RInside-0.2.4/RInside/src/Makevars | 2 RInside-0.2.4/RInside/src/RInside.cpp | 21 +++--- 26 files changed, 121 insertions(+), 111 deletions(-)

More information is on the RInside page. Questions, comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing list off the R-Forge page.

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