Sun, 05 Jun 2011

Charles Lloyd and Zakir Hussain

Wonderful concert on Friday evening at Symphony Center: Charles Lloyd (Wikipedia; ts, flute, vocals) was in town with both his quartet and trio. The first part of the set was performed with Zakir Hussain (Wikipedia; tabla, vocals) and up-and-coming drummer Eric Harland (Wikipedia; drums). For the second half, Lloyd and Harland were joined by Jason Moran (Wikipedia; piano) -- who happens to also be a 2010 MacArthur Fellow -- and Larry Grenadier (Wikipedia; bass) before Hussain returned for the final piece and encores.

It was evident how much joy Charles Lloyd still gets from performing live at his somewhat advanced age of 73. Surrounded by some extraordinary musicians, and clearly enjoying himself on stage. Great evening with wonderful jazz music from somewhere in between modern post-whatever, free, bop and hard bop, world music and everything else in between. I regret not having seen him earlier in life. Very much recommended.

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