Thu, 22 Dec 2011

Rcpp 0.9.8

A new release 0.9.8 of Rcpp is now on CRAN and will also get into Debian shortly (once I finish building R 2.14.1).

This release contains a few incremental changes. Romain, sponsored by by the Open Source Programs Office at Google, had released a new package int64 bringing larger integers to R, and this is now supported by Rcpp as well. John Chambers contributed some code to have Reference Classes extend existing C++ classes (typically brought in via Rcpp Modules). Jelmer Ypma sent us a patch to add a Rcout device not unlike cout, but aligned with R's io buffering. We added some more unit tests, and made a few small fixes here or there.

The complete NEWS entry is below; more details are in the ChangeLog file in the package and on the Rcpp Changelog page.

0.9.8   2011-12-21

    o   wrap now handles 64 bit integers (int64_t, uint64_t) and containers 
        of them, and Rcpp now depends on the int64 package (also on CRAN).
        This work has been sponsored by the Google Open Source Programs

    o   Added setRcppClass() function to create extended reference classes 
        with an interface to a C++ class (typically via Rcpp Module) which
        can have R-based fields and methods in addition to those from the C++.

    o   Applied patch by Jelmer Ypma which adds an output stream class
        'Rcout' not unlike std::cout, but implemented via Rprintf to
        cooperate with R and its output buffering.
    o   New unit tests for pf(), pnf(), pchisq(), pnchisq() and pcauchy()

    o   XPtr constructor now checks for corresponding type in SEXP

    o   Updated vignettes for use with updated highlight package

    o   Update linking command for older fastLm() example using external 

Thanks to CRANberries, you can also look at a diff to the previous release 0.9.7. As always, even fuller details are on the Rcpp Changelog page and the Rcpp page which also leads to the downloads, the browseable doxygen docs and zip files of doxygen output for the standard formats. A local directory has source and documentation too. Questions, comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing list off the R-Forge page

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