Sat, 08 Sep 2012

RInside 0.2.8

This morning version 0.2.8 of RInside arrived on the CRAN sites. RInside provides a set of convenience classes which facilitate embedding of R inside of C++ applications and programs, using the classes and functions provided by the Rcpp R and C++ integration package.

This release adds no new features but improves the build process a little and should make use on Windows a little easier. All changes since the last release are summarized below in the NEWS file entry:

Changes in RInside version 0.2.8 (2012-09-07)

  • Added CMake build support for armadillo and eigen examples, once again kindly contributed by Peter Aberline

  • Corrected Windows package build to always generate a 64 bit static library too

  • Updated package build to no longer require configire and to update the two header file supplying compile-time information; tightened build dependencies on headers in Makevars /

  • Improved examples/standard/ by detecting architecture

CRANberries also provides a short report with changes from the previous release. More information is on the RInside page. Questions, comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing list off the Rcpp R-Forge page.

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