Sun, 14 Oct 2012

Rcpp 0.9.15

Rcpp release 0.9.15 is now on CRAN and being uploaded to Debian.

Martin Morgan provided a clever fix for a header search needed between clang++ (especially on OS X) and g++ (which still provided libstdc++ and headers for clang++). This should hopefully put the clang issues to bed. Ben North noticed an unprotected string conversion when exception messages are turned into R errors which got fixed, and I expanded the coverage of Date (and Datetime) types to deal properly with non-finite values NA, NaN and Inf.

The complete NEWS entry for 0.9.15 is below; more details are in the ChangeLog file in the package and on the Rcpp Changelog page.

Changes in Rcpp version 0.9.15 (2012-10-13)

  • Untangling the clang++ build issue about the location of the exceptions header by directly checking for the include file – an approach provided by Martin Morgan in a kindly contributed patch as unit tests for them.

  • The Date and Datetime types now correctly handles NA, NaN and Inf representation; the Date type switched to an internal representation via double

  • Added Date and Datetime unit tests for the new features

  • An additional PROTECT was added for parsing exception messages before returning them to R, following a report by Ben North

Thanks to CRANberries, you can also look at a diff to the previous release 0.9.14. As always, even fuller details are on the Rcpp Changelog page and the Rcpp page which also leads to the downloads, the browseable doxygen docs and zip files of doxygen output for the standard formats. A local directory has source and documentation too. Questions, comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing list off the R-Forge page

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