Sun, 25 Nov 2012

digest 0.6.0

A new version of the digest package (which generates hash function summaries for arbitrary (and possibly nested) R objects using any of the standard md5, sha-1, sha-256, sha-512 or crc32 algorithms) is now on CRAN, and I will push the corresponding version into Debian in a moment.

For this release, Hannes Muehleisen added support for sha-512 using an older standalone function by Aaron D. Gifford which I had to whip into slightly more portable shape to work on Windows. (Hint: uint32_t from stdint.h, not u_int32_t)

CRANberries provides the usual summary of changes to version 0.5.2.

As usual, our package is available via the R-Forge page leading to svn and tarball access, my digest page and the local directory here.

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