Wed, 05 Dec 2012

RInside 0.2.10

The new maintenance release 0.2.10 of RInside is now on CRAN, including Windows binaries. RInside provides a set of convenience classes which facilitate embedding of R inside of C++ applications and programs, using the classes and functions provided by the Rcpp R and C++ integration package.

This release helps with an update to stack checking, required by a recent change in R itself. The NEWS extract below has more details.

Changes in RInside version 0.2.10 (2012-12-05)

  • Adjusted to change in R which requires turning checking of the stack limit off in order to allow for access from multiple threads as in the Wt examples. As there are have been no side-effects, this is enabled by default on all platforms (with the exception of Windows).

  • Added new ‘threads’ example directory with a simple example based on a Boost mutex example.

  • Disabled two examples (passing an external function down) which do not currently work; external pointer use should still work.

CRANberries also provides a short report with changes from the previous release. More information is on the RInside page. Questions, comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing list off the Rcpp R-Forge page.

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