Mon, 31 Dec 2012

Ragnar Relay Chicago 2012

One things I never quite got around to during 2012 was to blog about the awesome relay we ran in early June. This was the race formerly known as MC200 (for Madiston, WI, to Chicago, IL, by way of Milwaukee, WI, for about 200 miles) and is now part of the Ragnar Relay series: Ragnar Chicago.

We ran as a so-called ultra team of six runners, as opposed to a regular ream of twelve. The course is cut into 36 segments; on regular teams you get 3, we each had twice that. My first leg was a combined 17 miles in what turned out to be pretty blistering heat in mid-to-late afternoon. My fellow team members were awesome in getting me lots of water an ice, and I managed to hold onto a pace of just over 8 min/miles. One of the harder runs I've had. Next was a wonderful run pretty much exactly at midnight under starry skies---about seven or so miles followed by ten more miles the next morning.

We ended up coming third (yay!) beating the next time by about six or seven seconds (!!) over a total time of 25 or 26 hours.

It was hard. It was fun. It was exhilirating. It may also have broken me as I haven't really run much since. So good intentions for 2013: get back into the groove.

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