Mon, 27 May 2013

R / Finance 2013 Recap -- and Presentation Slides

The fifth internation R/Finance conference was held last weekend. As one of the founding co-organizers, I may well be accussed of a little bias, but we think we once again pulled off a very nice and successful weekend-long event. Participants had kind words to say during the conference, and a few first posts have appeared such as Joe Rickert's post over at the REvo blog.

Some participants, myself included, had already posted on their personal websites (though had forgotten to mention it here). In any event, I just updated the website with links to the pdf (or ppt) slides of all presenters who shared their material with us. Supplemental material may be made available too at a later date.

We hope you find these slides useful. Please do spread the word about the R/Finance conference as we expect to have a sixth edition in May 2014---and we do look forward to receiving even more outstanding submissions. Dates, details, call for papers, etc will be forthcoming over the next few months.

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