Sun, 27 Oct 2013

Kurt Elling at Dominican University

Some catchup blogging: Kurt Elling was back in town on October 19, and not just in Chicago but quite literally in our little 'burb as the headliner for this season's concerts at Domiminican University. They had done us the favour of inviting Dianne Reeves back in March 2009, but this was clearly going to be a real treat. And I managed to snatch four front row (!!) tickets as soon as I heard about it, and the show once again didn't disappoint.

Elling was as usual accompanied by his long-time collaborator Laurence Hobgood on piano, as well as local heros Clark Sommers on bass and John McLean on guitar. This time, Quincy Davies was on drums. And this band is realiably excellent, as is Elling in any live setting. The set was dominated by pieces from his most recent record and augmented by a few other standout pieces. There is a pretty rich set of live music by Elling on YouTube, see for example On Broadway (which was part of the set in a wonderfully fast and funked-up variant), Golden Lady (from the previous album, and also played live this time) or for example this wonderful version of You Send Me (also part of the concert).

I snatched a photo or two (while at least turning my flash off, unlike the weird gal to my left, but I digress) and posted one on Google+.

Kurt Elling will be back in Chicago at the Green Mill in early January. Expect to me there, and I hope to see you too!

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