Thu, 02 Jan 2014

New BH release 1.51.1-4

A new release of the BH package is now on CRAN and its mirrors. BH provides (a sizeable subset of) the Boost library for C++, particularly the (large) parts delivered as pure template headers not requiring linking. See the BH page for more details.

This release comes from a rewritten build script for the package. We no longer drive the initial set of Boost libraries by the requirements of the bigmemory (and synchronicity) packages, but rather explicitly enumerate an equivalent set of Boost libraries. This ensures that these libraries are included completely. We also move the project repository to this GitHub repo.

The complete list changes follows below.

Changes in version 1.51.0-4 (2014-01-01)

  • Rewritten main package creation script to no longer scan for what bigmemory and synchronicity use, but rather explicitly copy over an (equivalent) list of explicitly-enumerated Boost libraries

  • Repository moved from R-Forge to GitHub, scripts and layout adjusted accordingly

  • Besides the implicitly expanded coverage by including the complete libraries, we also expanded from math/distributions to all of math.

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for the most recent release.

Comments and suggestions are welcome via the mailing list or issue tracker still available via the package page at R-Forge.

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