Thu, 20 Feb 2014


A new minor release of RcppArmadillo is now on CRAN and in Debian. RcppArmadillo brings the Armadillo templated C++ library for linear algebra to R by means of Rcpp.

This release contains both a few minor bugfixes from the 4.000 branch of Armadillo and some enhancements in RcppArmadillo itself that are related to the recent Rcpp 0.11.0 release.

Changes in RcppArmadillo version (2014-02-19)

  • Upgraded to Armadillo release Version 4.000.4

    • fix for randi() generating out-of-interval values

    • fix for saving field objects

    • workaround for a bug in the Intel compiler

  • Updated for Rcpp (>= 0.11.0) by removing linking step from build process, added appropriate dependency on Rcpp

  • Updated RcppArmadillo.package.skeleton function accordingly to use proper NAMESPACE import

  • Rewritten rcpparma_hello_world (which is used by the RcppArmadillo.package.skeleton function) to use Rcpp Attributes, and added more examples

  • Added two functions to set Armadillo's RNGs (ie the system RNG) from a given value and to randomize it, as suggested by Gábor Csárdi. Note that these do not work within RStudio (which itself also uses the same system RNG).

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for the most recent release As always, more detailed information is on the RcppArmadillo page. Questions, comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing list off the R-Forge page.

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