Thu, 25 Dec 2014

rfoaas -- not on CRAN

A new version of rfoaas was prepared for CRAN, but refused on the grounds of having been updated within 24 hours. Oh well.

To recap, the rfoaas package provides an interface for R to the most excellent FOAAS service -- which provides a modern, scalable and RESTful web service for the frequent need to tell someone to eff off.

And having seen the Christmas Eve (ie December 24) update, upstream immediatly and rather kindly added a new xmas(name, from) function -- so now we could do rfoaas::xmas("CRAN Maintainers") to wish the CRAN Maintainers a very Merry Christmas.

So for once, there is no CRANberries report as the package is not on CRAN :-/ There is of course always GitHub.

Questions, comments etc should go to the GitHub issue tracker off the GitHub repo.

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