Tue, 03 Jul 2018

anytime 0.3.1

A new minor release of the anytime package is now on CRAN. This is the twelveth release, and the first in a little over a year as the package has stabilized.

anytime is a very focused package aiming to do just one thing really well: to convert anything in integer, numeric, character, factor, ordered, … format to either POSIXct or Date objects – and to do so without requiring a format string. See the anytime page, or the GitHub README.md for a few examples.

This release adds a few minor tweaks. For numeric input, the function is now immutable: arguments that are not already cast to a different type (a common use case) are now cloned so that the input is never changed. We also added two assertion helpers for dates and datetimes, a new formatting helper for the (arguably awful, but common) ‘yyyymmdd’ format, and expanded some unit tests.

Changes in anytime version 0.3.1 (2017-06-05)

  • Numeric input is now preserved rather than silently cast to the return object type (#69 fixing #68).

  • New assertion function assertDate() and assertTime().

  • Unit tests were expanded for the new functions, for conversion from integer as well as for yyyymmdd().

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is a comparison to the previous release. More information is on the anytime page.

For questions or comments use the issue tracker off the GitHub repo.

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