Mon, 31 Dec 2018

2018: Not so bad for running

Long-time readers of this blog (yes, looking at both of you!) may remember that I used to run (i.e. race) more regularly. But it has been rather quiet on that front lately. A sole marathon in 2016 (that was not even mentioned on this blog). One Ragnar Relay (with the same crowd, running once again as an Ultra team of six) in 2017. But in 2018? Nada. No race, no relay. Nuttin.

However, starting in mid-December 2017 I got back to exercising more. A lot on the (really old !!) Nordic track machine in the basement, a fair bit of actual running (which shows up on Strava if you follow me, hi @yanlesin and @kaneplusplus), and some fifty miles cycling (i.e. commuting recorded by GPS and Strava, more overall). All this looks quite alright when aggregated for the year:

Two run-ins with a cold stopped me in the spring and summer, as did some aches from possibly overtraining with too few rest days in the fall. Plus motivation a little sapped late summer—but overall not too bad. I have only four full years in Strava as I used something else back in the days of active marathoning but I suspect this year would have held up well enough in comparison.

We will see how 2019 shapes up. Here’s to some more running.

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