Sat, 16 Nov 2019


A new minor release of RcppEigen arrived on CRAN today (and just went to Debian too) bringing support for Eigen 3.3.7 to R.

This release comes almost a year after the previous minor release Besides the upgrade to the new upstream version, it brings a few accumulated polishes to the some helper and setup functions, and switches to the very nice tinytest package for unit tests; see below for the full list. As before, we carry a few required changes to Eigen in a diff. And as we said before at the previous two releases:

One additional and recent change was the accomodation of a recent CRAN Policy change to not allow gcc or clang to mess with diagnostic messages. A word of caution: this may make your compilation of packages using RcppEigen very noisy so consider adding -Wno-ignored-attributes to the compiler flags added in your ~/.R/Makevars.

The complete NEWS file entry follows.

Changes in RcppEigen version (2019-11-16)

  • Fixed skeleton package creation listing RcppEigen under Imports (James Balamuta in #68 addressing #16).

  • Small RNG use update to first example in skeleton package used by package creation helper (Dirk addressing #69).

  • Update vignette example to use RcppEigen:::eigen_version() (Dirk addressing #71).

  • Correct one RcppEigen.package.skeleton() corner case (Dirk in #77 fixing #75).

  • Correct one usage case with pkgKitten (Dirk in #78).

  • The package now uses tinytest for unit tests (Dirk in #81).

  • Upgraded to Eigen 3.3.7 (Dirk in #82 fixing #80).

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for the most recent release.

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