Thu, 07 Jan 2021

#32: Portable Continuous Integration using r-ci

Welcome to the 32th post in the rarely raucous R recommendations series, or R4 for short. This post covers continuous integration, a topic near and dear to many of us who have to recognise its added value.

The popular and widely-used service at Travis is undergoing changes driven by a hard-to-argue with need for monetization. A fate that, if we’re honest, lies ahead for most “free” services so who know, maybe one day we have to turn away from other currently ubiquitous service. Because one never knows, it can pay off to not get to tied to any one service. Which brings us to today’s post and my r-ci service which allows me to run CI at Travis, at GitHub, at Azure, and on local Docker containers as the video demonstrates. It will likely also work at GitLab and other services, I simply haven’t tried any others.

The slides are here. The r-ci website introduces r-ci at a high-level. This repo at GitHub contains, and can be used to raise issues, ask questions, or provide feedback.

If you like this or other open-source work I do, you can sponsor me at GitHub.

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