Tue, 18 May 2021

inline 0.3.18: Routine Update

A new release of the inline package got to CRAN today. inline facilitates writing code in-line in simple string expressions or short files. The package was used quite extensively by Rcpp in the days before Rcpp Attributes arrived on the scene proving an even better alternative for its use cases. inline is still used by rstan and a number of other packages.

Johannes Ranke, who uses and stresses inline via his package mkin, updated the loading/unloading of DLLs which, following updates in R-devel, was failing some tests. As luck will have it, this new version appears to still fail on two of the platforms we do not actually have easy access to so another version may be coming “shortly”.

See below for a detailed list of changes extracted from the NEWS file.

Changes in inline version 0.3.18 (2021-05-17)

  • The moveDLL code and tests were updated for changed in R-devel (Johannes in #22 fixing #21).

Courtesy of my CRANberries, there is a comparison to the previous release.

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