Wed, 09 Jun 2021

#33: Collaborative Editing and Execution in Shared Byoby Sessions

Welcome to the 33th post in the rigorously raconteuring R recommendations series, or R4 for short. This post is also a post in the T4 series of tips, tricks, tools, and toys as it picks up and extends earlier posts on byobu. And it fits nicely in the more recent ESS-Intro series as we show some Emacs. You can find earlier R4 posts here, and the T4 posts here; the ESS-Intro series is here.

The focus of this short video (and slides) is on collaboration using files, but also entire sessions, execution and all aspects of joint exploration, development or debugging. Anything you can do in a terminal you can also do shared in a terminal. The video contains a brief lightning talk, and a shared session jointly with Grant McDermott and Vicent Arel-Bundock. My big big thanks to both of them for prodding and encouragement, as well as fearless participation in the joint section of the video:

The corresponding pdf slides are here.

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