Sat, 14 Aug 2021

RApiDatetime 0.0.5 (and 0.0.6): Updated (Twice)

After nearly two years, the RApiDatetime package on CRAN has received an update, followed-up a quick bug fix.

RApiDatetime provides a number of entry points for C-level functions of the R API for Date and Datetime calculations. The functions asPOSIXlt and asPOSIXct convert between long and compact datetime representation, formatPOSIXlt and Rstrptime convert to and from character strings, and POSIXlt2D and D2POSIXlt convert between Date and POSIXlt datetime. Lastly, asDatePOSIXct converts to a date type. All these functions are rather useful, but were not previously exported by R for C-level use by other packages. Which this package aims to change.

This pair of releases updates the code to the current R-devel standard, and refreshes a few standard packaging aspects starting from making builds on the Windows ‘UCRT’ platform possible. And while making an accomodation for one “beloved” architecture (in release 0.0.5), we introduced another issue on another almost equally “beloved” platform which 0.0.6 clears up. It should be ready and stable now.

Changes in RApiDatetime version 0.0.6 (2021-08-13)

  • Correctly account for SunOS to have it avoid GMTOFF use

  • A new test file was added to ensure ‘NEWS.Rd’ is always at the current release version.

Changes in RApiDatetime version 0.0.5 (2021-08-05)

  • Add a few #nocov tags

  • Update continuous integration to use r-ci, reenable coverage

  • Update DESCRIPTION with URL and BugReports fields

  • Add new CI and LastCommitted badges to

  • Add compiler flag for Windows UCRT build

  • Synchronized datetime function with upstream r-devel code

Courtesy of my CRANberries, there is are comparisons to the previous release 0.0.5, and 0.0.4, respectively. More information is on the rapidatetime page.

For questions or comments please use the issue tracker off the GitHub repo.

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