Tue, 29 Mar 2022

RcppBDT 0.2.5: Maintenance

A minor maintenance release for the RcppBDT package is now on CRAN.

The RcppBDT package is an early adopter of Rcpp and was one of the first packages utilizing Boost and its Date_Time library. The now more widely-used package anytime is a direct descentant of RcppBDT. Thanks again for the heads-up!

This release mostly deals with a one-definition rule violation detected by link-time optimisation (which can be enable when configuring R itself at build time with --enable-lto). I confused myself into thinking Rcpp Modules may be at fault, but IƱaki was a little more awake than myself and noticed that I only needed to carry the (common) header RcppBDT.h to the file toPOSIXct.cpp added last summer.

The NEWS entry follows:

Changes in version 0.2.5 (2022-03-29)

  • Ensure consistent compilation by ensuring RcppBDT.h is included in all files, this addresses an LTO/ODR issue

  • Correct one declaration in init.c

  • Minor additional cleanups

Courtesy of my CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for this release.

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