Sun, 10 Apr 2022

RcppRedis 0.2.1: Maintenance

A month after the major release 0.2.0 bringing pub/sub and other goodies to our RcppRedis package, a new version 0.2.1 arrived on CRAN yesterday. RcppRedis is one of several packages connecting R to the fabulous Redis in-memory datastructure store (and much more). RcppRedis does not pretend to be feature complete, but it may do some things faster than the other interfaces, and also offers an optional coupling with MessagePack binary (de)serialization via RcppMsgPack. The package has carried production loads for several years now.

This release updated the rredis suggestion by adding an Additional_repositories entry as Bryan decided to retire the rredis package. You can still install it via install.packages("rredis") by setting the addtional repo, for example repos=c("", getOption("repos")) as documented in package and at our ghrr drat repo.

The detailed changes list follows.

Changes in version 0.2.1 (2022-04-09)

  • The rredis package can be installed via the repo listed in Additional_repositories; the pubsub.R test file makes rredis optional and conditional; all demos now note that the optional rredis package is installable via the drat listed in Additional_repositories.

  • The fallback-compilation of hiredis has been forced to override compilation flags because CRAN knows better than upstream.

  • The GLOBEX pub/sub example has small updates.

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for this release. More information is on the RcppRedis page.

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