Wed, 12 Oct 2022

GitHub Streak: Round Nine

Eight years ago I referenced the Seinfeld Streak used in an earlier post of regular updates to to the Rcpp Gallery:

This is sometimes called Jerry Seinfeld’s secret to productivity: Just keep at it. Don’t break the streak.

and then showed the first chart of GitHub streaking 366 days:

github activity october 2013 to october 2014

And seven years ago a first follow-up appeared in this post about 731 days:

github activity october 2014 to october 2015

And six years ago we had a followup at 1096 days

github activity october 2015 to october 2016

And five years ago we had another one marking 1461 days

github activity october 2016 to october 2017

And four years ago another one for 1826 days

github activity october 2017 to october 2018

And three years ago another one bringing it to 2191 days

github activity october 2018 to october 2019

And two years ago another one bringing it to 2557 days

github activity october 2019 to october 2020

And last year another one bringing it to 2922 days

github activity october 2020 to october 2021

And as today is October 12 here is the newest one from 2021 to 2022 one bringing it 3287 days:

github activity october 2021 to october 2022

As always, special thanks go to Alessandro Pezzè for the Chrome add-on GithubOriginalStreak.

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