Sat, 17 Jun 2023

RcppSpdlog 0.0.13 on CRAN: Small Extensions

Version 0.0.13 of RcppSpdlog is now on CRAN and will be soon be uploaded to Debian too. RcppSpdlog bundles spdlog, a wonderful header-only C++ logging library with all the bells and whistles you would want that was written by Gabi Melman, and also includes fmt by Victor Zverovich. You can learn more at the package documention site.

This release adds a small (but handy) accessor generalisation: Instead of calling setup() with two arguments for a label and the logging level we now only require the desired level. We also cleaned up one implementation detail for the stopwatch feature added in January, and simplified the default C++ compilation standard setting.

The NEWS entry for this release follows.

Changes in RcppSpdlog version 0.0.13 (2023-06-17)

  • Minor tweak to stopwatch setup avoids pulling in fmt

  • No longer set a C++ compilation standard as the default choices by R are sufficient for the package

  • Add convenience wrapper log_init omitting first argument to log_setup while preserving the interface from the latter

  • Add convenience setup wrappers init and log to API header file spdl.h

Courtesy of my CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report. More detailed information is on the RcppSpdlog page, or the package documention site.

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